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All "Dental Analgesia" flowmeters are equipped with the following safety features:

- Oxygen fail-safe mechanism. It ensures that nitrous oxide will not be delivered unless there is oxygen flowing to the machine.

- Flowmeters are designed to deliver the minimum of 30% oxygen at all times. The minimum of 30% established by the manufactures allows for a margin of error in calibration. The equipment is also designed to deliver no more then 70% nitrous oxide at any time. For analgesia and sedation purposes, it is not necessary to administer nitrous oxide in a concentration higher than 70%.

- Emergency air in-let valve – this provides an additional source of room air for the patient if the follow of gas isn't sufficient for the patient.

- Non rebreathing valve: Prohibits exhaled gas from the tubing from entering the machine.
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Cart 4 cylinder capacity w 5 wheels MATRX MDM(Flowmeter Only) Porter MXR (Flowmeter Only)
Cart 4 cylinder capacity w 5 wheels
List Price: $2,350.00
Our Price: $1,895.00
Savings: $455.00
MATRX MDM(Flowmeter Only)
List Price: $2,942.00
Our Price: $2,355.00
Savings: $587.00
Porter MXR (Flowmeter Only)
List Price: $2,760.00
CSE Price $2,210.00
Savings: $550.00