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THE INDUSTRY STANDARD is for monthly testing of the flowmeter functions as well as BI ANNUAL RECERTIFICATION OF THE FLOWMETER AS A WHOLE WITH DOCUMENTED RESULTS kept on file for compliance and auditing purposes.

THE ADA RECOMMENDATION for “Minimal” sedation in regard to Analgesia equipment is as follows: “WHEN INHALATION EQUIPMENT IS USED, IT MUST HAVE A FAIL SAFE SYSTEM THAT IS APPROPRIATELY CHECKED AND CALIBRATED. THE EQUIPMENT MUST ALSO HAVE A FUNCTIONING DEVICE THAT PROHIBITS THE DELIVERY OF LESS THEN 30% OXYGEN or an appropriately calibrated and functioning in line oxygen analyzer with audible alarm”.

Every Flowmeter should be re calibrated (according to the manufacturer's recommendation) in order to insure accuracy and to limit your potential liability. This should be done at least every two years according to the major manufacturer(s).This is a requirement in some states.

CS Enterprises offers the following:

A. A comprehensive, detailed inspection and assessment of the flowmeter. We completely verify the operations of all fail safes, safety features and applicable parameters of the flowmeter. Adjustments completed as needed

B. 24 hour turnaround once a meter is in our facility.

C. Written documentation of all test results.

D. Any necessary repairs are discussed with, and approved by, the doctor prior to commencing the repair.

E. Loaners may be available

Call Today to have your Flowmeter recertified and begin complying with all of your state and local regulations as well as the manufacturer recommendations for compliance!!
Our N20/02 flowmeter Recertification Program Includes

1. Complete inspection and cleaning of the exterior of unit.

2. Complete testing and re-certification of all unit pneumatic assemblies.

3. Complete testing and re-certification of all unit electronic assemblies (If applicable).

4. Flow testing of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide to insure flows are within tolerances as published by the manufacturer.

5. Perform "Fail Safe and other “operational” tests and verify that they are within    manufactures tolerances.

6. Provide customer written documentation of the testing results by serial number and date performed.

7. Provide the date (per manufacturer’s specifications) for the next required certification.


1. If repairs are needed, we will call you within 24 hours of the units’ inspection to discuss any needed repairs. We will then send you and email (or fax) asking you to authorize the repair.

2. No repairs will be initiated without your approval. Any repair costs are in addition to the cost of the meter recertification


180 day warranty on all parts and workmanship. Experienced and dependable services.