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The Amalgam Collector
The Amalgam Collector

The best short and long term solution available Today!!!
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The Amalgam Collector™ are ISO-11143 certified. The units greatly surpassed the ISO minimum efficiency requirement of 95% by being 99.96% efficient. The Amalgam Collectors™ have been installed since 1993 and are approved and in service across North America. Our separators are a capture and hold system with a controlled release of the sediment free wastewater.

Consider these advantages to you:

No contracts and no replacement filters, canisters or cartridges are required. Pay for the unit only once. Sludge is packaged for recycling or removal by hazardous waste haulers typically only once every 2 to 5 years. The units come with complete owner's manuals for easy assembly and installation. Installation is available on a limited basis. Our mission is to partner with you, the dentist, to effectively minimize the release of heavy metal waste.
More Information
  • Answers to Common Questions regarding The Amalgam Collector™
  • 1. What is the weekly maintenance?
  • (Please note there are now standard models with manual valves or enhanced models with automatic siphon valves.) The maintenance is done on a periodic basis to decant off the liquid in your canister that will build up faster than the sediment (amalgam sludge). The units are transparent so you can observe the amount of liquid and determine when the decantation is necessary. For the standard models, most offices decant the liquid once or twice per week, usually on a Monday and Wednesday and incorporate the valve turning into the assistant's other duties to start the morning, i.e. turning on the compressor and vacuum system. We will be happy to refer you to one of the many offices that use our units so you can talk with the personnel there about this ease of maintenance. The manual maintenance for the standard model involves turning one external valve. When the unit's external valves are set, the vacuum will draw off the liquid down to the bottom of the liquid out tube. This maintenance takes less than 1 minute. You observe the liquid level and you determine when to decant the liquid. Again, we suggest developing a routine. The unit is never actually opened until the sludge has reached the maximum sediment level (typically 2 to 5 years!).
  • *** Update : Several years ago we developed a valve to automatically decant (or siphon) the liquid out of your canister after the vacuum has been off for at least 8 hours. Selecting this option will add approximately $425 to the purchase price.
  • 2. Do you need special filters or chemicals?
  • Our units do not have filters. They are sedimentation systems and, interesting enough, are simple but still #1
  • in removal efficiency as per ADA research (May 2002).All of the various research studies to date on amalgam separator units demonstrate the superior efficiency of an extended term sedimentation system. We do suggest you put at least 1 cup of your favorite ph neutral line cleaner through your system weekly. This liquid will end up in your collection canister. You do not need to purchase special chemicals.
  • 3. Do I have to sign a contract for the separator?
  • No, you buy the unit, you do not rent it. No contracts or agreements are necessary when you purchase the Amalgam collector.
  • 4. What do I do with the sludge when the maximum fill line has been reached?
  • Under ADA Best Practices you will need an amalgam waste bucket for your other types of amalgam waste. Often the company supplying that bucket will also take your sludge in the same bucket. Local companies usually offer two tiers of service --- either just acceptance of the sludge container you have filled or actually coming on site to empty your canister. We have commitments from four nationwide companies to supply "buckets" for the sludge, the transportation, and proper disposal for under $150. Contact numbers are included with the owner's manuals. Remember that you will typically not need this service for 2 to 5 years. You can empty the canister yourself into a provided "bucket" and store the sludge on site (check local regulations) until the bucket is full. Note that this is the only time the separator canister is opened. Another option is to purchase our "change-out set" which includes a new canister and a liquid out tube. We do not encourage this option since we enjoy the unique position of "no replacement parts needed" for our separators. The current price on the CE 18 set is $495. Remember, however, there is nothing wrong with continuing to use your original canister once it has been emptied. You will have saved an estimated $1000, $2000 or more each time you empty the separator's canister and put it back into service. Our canisters are designed to give a lifetime of service and we have sold very few change-out-sets in our 16 years of operation! If the sludge disposal gets to be a problem for you, please give us a call. We do not sell a contract for the sludge removal since the time needed for this service will vary greatly from office to office. You can buy your "bucket" or "change-out set" at any time.
  • 5. Please give us more details about the installation.
  • You will need no special wiring or plumbing for the standard models. With the optional auto siphon valve you will need a 110 electrical outlet. The separator is simply "spliced" into your suction line at any convenient location between the patient and the central vacuum system. The units work with either dry or wet vacuum systems. They do not need special height placement either. The separators DO need to rest on a stable base. Most centrally installed units sit on the floor just prior to the vacuum or on a shelf near the vacuum. Some of you will be pleased to know that our units are sold in kit form so that you can actually install them yourself. Dentists and staff who have installed the units are surprised at the ease of installation. Our distributors can arrange the installation for you, if you like. The space needed to accommodate our most popular units is a "base" area 6" x 8". The single operatory unit needs a space 15" high and the popular central (CE18) unit requires a space 25" high.
  • 6. How do I determine which unit to purchase?
  • You will purchase a "CE" (central) unit if you want to install the separator centrally, prior to your central vacuum. If you can get by with an operatory/chairside installation, order a "CH" unit. The numbers after the CE or CH on the price sheet indicate the size of the collection canister in inches. The CE18, our most popular centrally installed unit, normally accommodates 2 to 3 providers and up to five operatories. The maximum liquid capacity of the canisters is 1 and 1/2 gallons for the CH12, 2+ gallons for the CE18, and 5+ gallons for the CE24 (please see above). You need to purchase a unit with a canister large enough for at least one day's collection of liquid. Units may be put in series to accommodate larger offices. Please give us a call so we can help you select the best unit for your particular set-up.
  • 7 . Do you lose pressure with The Amalgam Collectors™?
  • You do not lose pressure with the use of our separators. This is due, in large part, to the fact that we have no filters to clog and no flow restrictors. When one of our technicians installs a unit, he/she checks your vacuum system before and after the installation and will record the measurement on the warranty.
  • 8. What are the conditions on your warranty?
  • We are also members of the dental community and want to have only satisfied "customers." Any sale is a "no risk" purchase. Within 30 days, if the unit does not seem to be the correct one for your office, we will offer a replacement or take the unit back and refund your money less 8% shipping/restocking fee. The actual separator warranty covers the unit for defects for 30 months from the purchase date. The only restrictions on the warranty are for temperature (placement area or liquids going into the canister cannot exceed 109 degrees F) and vacuum pressure (limited to under 15" of mercury). The vast majority of offices operate well under these two limiting conditions.